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10 WordPress Must-Have Plugins

Role Manager Useful if you plan on having multiple users on the blog. You can customize access by user role. TinyMCE Advanced This adds Microsoft Word type of editing tools to write your posts. You can customize what buttons you have on there this plugin is golden. Register Plus This one is strictly […]

Deep In The Jungle Of Digital

Every day the digital jungle grows more and more as new start-ups come to life offering new services for consumers and new opportunities for advertisers. New services offering a twist on old, old services offering new expanded features and a wide array of mashups. It’s a world where some things are co-dependent and others are […]

How to give good feedback

Whether you’re a creative collaborating on a project or a client giving feedback, giving good feedback and critiquing well are important to the development of a project. Good feedback and critiquing starts with internal conversation. Ask yourself questions like, “What do I like about this?”, “What do I dislike?”, “Why do I like/dislike this?”. Stepping […]

Taking Your Site Mobile

Taking your website mobile is something very relevant today for more and more people. How do you know if your site should have a mobile friendly version and offer special mobile perks? Though you can format your website specially for mobile browsers, doesn’t mean that’s all you should consider putting in the mobile version of […]

Who let a LION in the house?

I’ve recently received several direct messages through LinkedIn from recruiters who are open LIONs that have gotten in the house some how. Luckily, they have to get my permission before entering my “house”, so I can just as easily decline their self-invitation to try to join my network. Obviously its nice to know recruiters at […]

Successful E-blast Messaging & Marketing

A new client approach me and my team about doing some branding and marketing for their newly formed company. The client brought a good case study on why do-it-yourself marketing doesn’t work so well and how putting money in one area won’t necessarily fix the problem. One item they wanted us to help them with […]

Generate Traffic To Your Website For Free

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. There are numerous websites out there that will sell you “information” about how to generate traffic to your website, but this post is one place where you can learn one way to generate traffic to your website for free. One easy way to generate traffic to […]

Voicing Your Opinion To A Client

While working with a group of designers and programmers today, we had a little powwow about a new site design which led to some interesting conversation about managing clients and when it is appropriate to voice your opinion about staying with the design and strategy choices of a project to clients. This made me start […]

Magento : Lets take this out back!

I have a client who recently switched his hosting provider to a more flexible one, and as we transferred to the new provider, we made a few improvements to his site’s back end and found a new product to meet his e-commerce needs as well… or so I thought. Enter Magento. So, at first glance, […]

How To Create A Custom E-blast Part 2

In this article I will cover some of the basic specs of building a custom e-blast for direct mail marketing and personal use. If you missed the first post, you can read How To Create A Custom E-blast here in my blog. Assuming you are already familiar with web design and know that web graphics […]