Generate Traffic To Your Website For Free

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. There are numerous websites out there that will sell you “information” about how to generate traffic to your website, but this post is one place where you can learn one way to generate traffic to your website for free.

One easy way to generate traffic to your website for free is simply to have a company blog. Surprisingly enough, if you have a company blog and set it up as a sub domain (such as: you’d be surprised how many people will be willing to remove the blog from the URL and check out your site. Don’t use a blog site such as blogger because you will miss some of the benefits of hosting and running your own blog. Additionally, if you provide relevant blog topics, free advice, or free insight, people you will notice that those certain blog entries will generate lots of traffic, and if you were to include a link to your website as a reference for getting professional help with that piece of information, you’ll notice that you generate a lot of traffic just from that.

Well, if it’s that easy to generate more traffic to my company website for free, why aren’t others that I know doing it? Well, probably because they either don’t know, or they don’t take the time to write blog entries. There are plenty of blogs out there. How do I know if yours will generate traffic? Well, if you write relevant topics that give totally free advice, guidance, and or free insight without trying to sell yourself, you’ll find that you could hit that sweet spot of information that everyone’s looking for, but nobody’s finding. If there are industry related topics or words that you chat about with others in your industry, but those words are changed when talking to potential customers, why not use those industry words in your post?

Keep in mind when writing blog entries, try to write them as often as possible, at least once a month, but you should shoot for at least once a week. Once your blog has triggered the “quicker update” schedule that many blog readers and search engines pick up on, you’ll be more likely to work your way up to the top of the search engine list for organic searches. Because your blog is being updated frequently, search engines will start responding quicker to your posts as it will treat them like news articles. Ever wonder why something that just happened and is newsworthy is already on the web and close to the top of the page for news articles? Well, search engines have already picked up on many of the relevant and popular news sites and know to “fetch” the new information as soon as it posts. If you can get your blog posts often enough, you can trigger your blog to get more notice by search engines.

As more and more people click on the link to your blog from the search engines, and they find your information relevant, search engines will pick up on that and will start to place a heavier weight on your blog because it’s beginning to show that when someone searches for certain search terms, that your site has relevant information related to those search terms.

Also remember, it take a little while for search engines to begin to pick up the information in your blog and learn to start visiting it more often. Additional ways that you can help jump start the search engines to take notice in your blog is to sign up for a free service such as Feedburner or if you use fantastic blogging software such as WordPress, they have those features built in to ping the search engines and other places when you’ve made a post. Additional things you may not have thought about, or are aware of would be the use of social networks to promote your blog. With my blogging software, I use a plugin that works with Twitter‘s API to create a tweet (it’s a twitter thing, similar to a post) that sends my followers a message that I’ve posted a new blog entry and gives the title. Integrating social networks in ways such as this can show immediate results, and all those things together can all work towards getting your blog more notice. Who knows, maybe one day your blog could be the talk of the industry and you could be generating lots and lots of traffic.

Need help setting up a company blog to generate traffic to your blog and your website? Not sure where to start or how to do it? Get in touch with us to set up your own blog.

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