The Power Of Technology

A couple months back I took part in a focus group for quick serve dining and restaurant dining. The focus group focused on the future of the food industry. The client wanted to know how its customer base wanted to be served when they are on the go. One proposed solution is a to go only store for the national chain restaurant. Moreover, they proposed the ability to order your food through email or by your cell phone. This is as convenient as it is genious!

About 2 weeks ago, I was heading home after work waiting in the stop and go traffic. There was little to see except the bumper of the car in front of me, so I naturally started thinking of what I wanted for dinner that evening. I knew that what was on the menu wasn’t the most appealing that night and wanted to venture out to pick something up for my family. I started thinking of the places that offered something that sounded good, and Chili’s mouthwatering burgers sounded good. I then started to think back to the focus group I was part of and thought, this would be a good time to have the on the go ordering.

I’ve ordered from my local Chili’s before by phone and had a not so smooth experience. During my previous experience, I decided to call and order it to go. The phone rang and rang and rang. Nobody answered. Then I hung up and dialed again and eventually someone picked up only to put me on hold for about 10 minutes. Once they returned they rushed through my order, didn’t repeat any of it and ended the call quickly. When I arrived to pick up my meal, it was wrong. If I had the ability to write the order myself for them to see, this problem wouldn’t have happened and I wouldn’t have had to wait so long.

How convenient, and easy would it be to be able to send an email from work on your way out to place your order and drop by on the way home to pick it up? How much more convenient would it have been to order by text message from my car while stuck in traffic? Would my order have been right if I had been able to write it out for them? These questions, I’m sure will one day be answered when more businesses move in that direction.

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