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Successful E-blast Messaging & Marketing

A new client approach me and my team about doing some branding and marketing for their newly formed company. The client brought a good case study on why do-it-yourself marketing doesn’t work so well and how putting money in one area won’t necessarily fix the problem. One item they wanted us to help them with […]

How To Create A Custom E-blast Part 2

In this article I will cover some of the basic specs of building a custom e-blast for direct mail marketing and personal use. If you missed the first post, you can read How To Create A Custom E-blast here in my blog. Assuming you are already familiar with web design and know that web graphics […]

How To Create A Custom E-blast

One question that I’ve been asked numerous times is “How do I create a custom e-blast?” Well, there are a few solutions available at a variety of skill sets and budgets. You can either use a service that allows you to use templates or custom designs, or you can do one that’s totally custom. If […]